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January 25, 2012

Dear Friends,

Michael received several MRI and CT scans today at Texas Children’s in Houston where he has been participating in a clinical trial since November. The family received initial results this afternoon and the tests revealed a new tumor in the T2-T3 area of the spine. This area had cleared as of the last scans in November so this is considered another relapse situation. The tumor had never been above 2 centimeters. This new tumor is 3cm x 1cm. Due to this new active tumor, Michael no longer qualifies to continue in the clinical trial at Texas Children’s. The tumor on the left eye socket is also still present.

The family has been in contact with Michael’s main oncologist at Cook Children’s in Fort Worth as well as doctors at MD Anderson, Children’s Medical Center, Texas Children’s, and Sloan Kettering in NYC. There are no decisions on the next step in treatment as of this evening. Michael will return to Dallas tomorrow and undergo more tests at Cook next week.

When there is more information, I will send out another update. Please keep the family in your prayers as well as the team of doctors working on his case.

In Hope,

Evelyn E. Costolo

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