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6th Annual Team Michael Toy Drive June 7 2018 E

6th Annual Team Michael Toy Drive 2018

In honor of Michael Malone's 13th Birthday, Team Michael presents the 6th Annual Team Michael Toy Drive, benefiting the oncology patients at Dallas Children's and Cook Children's. We are asking that each guest bring one unwrapped toy or gift card to the event.

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WOKC Team Michael Garage Sale

September 6, 2012

Dear Friends and Family, We would like to thank everyone for the incredible outpouring of support for our family over the past few months. We will never forget the kindness, compassion, generosity and love offered to our family during this tragic time. Michael was a brave and beautiful child, who I think would ask all of us to find our own bravery now. We have found strength in these difficult times by knowing we are not alone in our loss, and that Michael's memory will be strong among the hundreds, perhaps thousands of people he touched in his seven short years. Michael was our God given gift that we had the honor and privilege to share for those seven years, and we miss him every second of every day. We have had many requests for the remembrances from Michael's service, so I have attached my remarks for those of you who did not attend. We also wanted to let you know about a couple of upcoming events where we plan to honor Michael. This Sunday, September 9th, one of Michael's kindergarten classmates, Cade Roseman, is hosting a tennis carnival for children and adults at the JCC from 3pm – 5pm.…

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April 7, 2011

Dear Friends and Family, We don't have any big news, but I wanted to give you all an update about Michael, and fill you in on a few things that are going on as well. We returned from Houston on Friday. Michael had two weeks of radiation treatment at M.D. Anderson. The radiation targeted the cancer that recently recurred in his eye socket. Unlike last summer, he did not have to go under general anesthesia each day. He is now old enough to sit still for these treatments. Due to the location of the radiation, he did have to wear a mask and the mask was fastened down to the table, so it was uncomfortable and frightening. He was very brave to endure this treatment awake. I will attach a photo. While we were in Houston, we met with Dr. Peter Zage, a pediatric oncologist who specializes in neuroblastoma. We reviewed Michael's situation, and talked about possible treatments and the clinical trials he is eligible for based on his diagnosis and recent relapse. Yesterday we met with our primary oncologist, Dr. Amy Pass, and had a similar discussion. We also met with Mark Dungan, who works with NANT (, a…

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